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Welcome to our portal, business information and invite you to use the data collected about entrepreneurs and companies in Poland. Our portal gives you the opportunity to find interesting offers for you business and aims to contribute to establishing cooperation in the field of trade. Presented by the information we are commercial in nature and are intended for companies and businesses.

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bathroom equipment

Bathroom equipment Polish business companies


43-502 Czechowice-Dziedzice
ul. Cienista 7
tel. 32 214 07 80 

BETTINA we are genuinely occupied with designing as well as importing the elements for buildings interior. Individuality and artistry are features which are associated with a wide range of assortment. Proposed chain of products is frequently an response for rising client needs. Our offer is unique as well as incredibly original, mainly oriented towards individual and retail clients. Our assortment is, first and foremost, consisted of classical , colonial and Provençal furnishings, mirrors, paintings, alabaster sculptures, lamps, traditional wall-clocks, picture frames, porcelain services meant for lunch and dessert.
Wyposażenie łazienek lustra katalog firm POLISH


30-841 Kraków
ul. Nad Drwina 10/B3
tel.: 48 12 653 52 85

Excellent is known for its production of high-quality systems, reliable and visually attractive. While other companies often reduce the quality to be attractivelly priced, Excellent puts particular emphasis on high-quality materials and proven electromechanical components. In our exclusive line of baths Excellent Hydro-System there is no place for savings at the expense of quality and reliability.


05-820 Piastów
ul. Mieczysława Karłowicza 4A
tel.: +48 601 072 161

Some items of trade: self-closing and electronic taps, sanitary facilities made in stainless steel, dryers, accessories, dispensers, trays, bins, hair dryer for hotels, bathtubs with side opening, shower frames with wings folded against the wall or without threshold, swimming pool, side-bathtub and in-bathtub lifts; skewed sinks, toilet / bidets, water safety showers, feet, ski boots, gloves and hands sterilizers, hygienic sanitary boards.
Wyposażenie łazienek lustra katalog firm POLISH


20-283 Lublin
ul. Zygmunta Augusta 6/43
tel.: +48 690 009 440 

Company Wellnessland was founded as a response to increasing demands in the field of Finnish saunas, infrared saunas and steam rooms. Our products are of the highest quality. Basis for ours products are technology and equipment of the Finnish company Harvia. They have an European certificates of quality. We are preparing saunas for investors and for the individual clients. Thanks to our high qualified employees, designers and engineers we are able to create for you place to relax and health care. In our offer there are also ready-made model of saunas of Finnish company Harvia.
Bathroom equipment Polish business companies


10-449 Olsztyn
Al. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 75 ‎
tel.: 48 89 539 05 09

ZBIWAN Family tradition and reliability – that is ZBIgniew and WANda – the Pieniak family. The name of the company becomes more close and friendly after being decoded. In 1969, just the idea of founding a totally private company seemed unreal. ZBIWAN experienced a series of taxing revolutions, building a permanent and stable position not only among sanitary-installation. Only Polish capital is engaged in our venture.


62-005 Owińska
ul. Świerkowa 1
tel.: 48 61 812 67 98

MS TWORZYWA dla Domu Company for the House has been manufacturing and distributing plastic articles. Over the years, we have built our own network of wholesale and retail. We also support selected retailers. Our specialty is the household sector. We produce fine details of kitchen equipment, bathrooms, garden ... 
Bathroom equipment Polish business companies


31-985 Kraków
ul. Gen. Karaszewicza Tokarzewskiego 8
tel.: 48 12 645 06 07

TREMO is a producer of all kind of mirrors such as an artistic and a decorative glass. In our offer you can find panoramic road mirrors also advertising, cosmetic and motor-looking-glasses. We perform services such as: glass bending and vacuum metallization of tempered glass. With wide range of an artistic (fusing) glass we realize architects' projects and realizations and our individual customers' projects: interior decorations and projects of the decorative gallantry.
Bathroom equipment Polish business companies


00-000 Miejscowość
ul. Nazwa nr
tel.: 48 00 000 00 00

POLISH FIRMS Welcome to our portal business information and we invite you to use the collected data on entrepreneurs and companies in Poland in the fields of household equipment
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